Welcome to the Lamont Book Fairs Payment Portal!

Payment portal information:

  • Payments made through this online portal are for items to be purchased from a Lamont Book Fair at your school.
  • If your school is currently accepting online payments for a Lamont Book Fair, you will find your school in the list below. You will need to select your school from the list when making your payment.
  • Once you have made payment you will receive a confirmation and a copy of your payment receipt by email.
  • Your student will need to bring a copy of the payment receipt to school, and redeem it for items at the Lamont Book Fair. Make sure you redeem it before the Book Fair ends!
  • $5 Sale Items – Please note if you are ordering items from the $5 trolley that these are sale items. There is limited stock of these titles, and if an item runs out it may be replaced with a similar $5 sale item.
  • If your school does not appear in the list – The online portal is only open for payments during your school’s Book Fair. If your school does not appear in the list below, your school’s Book Fair has now closed for online payments.

Thank you for supporting your school’s Lamont Book Fair!

Please complete the details below to make your payment:

    This form will only process your online payment. After you have paid you will need to take a copy of your payment receipt to school and redeem it at your Lamont Book Fair.